Pure Love, released internationally as Unforgettable, is a 2016 South Korean romance drama film starring Do Kyung-soo and Kim So-hyun.

 First Impressions

Another movie about nostalgia and long-lost love – sometimes it makes you wonder if a lot of directors are just very sentimental, or if this theme happens to be a very easy one to shoot. I once had a class where the TA mentioned that we tend to look at the past through rose-tinted glasses. I realize that what he said was quite true, and maybe that’s why audiences tend to love this genre a lot.

I watched this not for the genre (clearly) but the cast (yes, I’m biased). Kyungsoo and So-hyun together in one show just seems too good to be true, and I felt like I would be missing out if I didn’t at least give it a go.

The Good

Cast – I felt that every single actor was very well-casted, and fit their character like a glove. Kyungsoo and So-hyun gave off pure and tender feelings, while their friends had their own interesting & bubbly personalities that brought the show to life. Sometimes actors try very hard to show this, and ends up making viewers cringe. However, this movie felt very natural and comfortable to watch, thanks to the great cast. The deep friendship ties reminded me of Reply 1988, which has both its pros and cons.


Themes – Beyond your usual love line, there are other themes explored in this movie, ranging from light-hearted friendship to dark ones like death. There is no easy resolution to any theme that they raise in Unforgettable, and I think that’s a very good indicator of how good a show is. Any show that gives you an easy answer to problems along the way feels unrealistic and too “easy” to take seriously.

I liked how the cast fought and never made up until years later, when they had moved on separate ways but never forgot about this episode in their youth. It’s easy to understand why things happened, and it makes you appreciate the fragility of many things.

The Bad

Overused nostalgia – I mentioned this in my previous reviews as well. Nostalgia is an easy theme to work with, and there have been many shows of this sort popping up as of late. I think the storyline would honestly have worked fine even if they set the characters’ teenage years in modern times. They would have a lot more to play with and show, e.g. how do we, in the age of connectivity, learn to deal with friends who may disappear from our lives in the future even if they can just be one Whatsapp message away?

 Final Verdict

I wouldn’t strongly recommend this movie, but neither would I vehemently discourage you either. It’s an average movie that you can watch in your free time, perhaps in between waiting for updates from your other shows.

I do, however, encourage you to prepare some tissues if you tend to be emotional, because this movie will really make you cry at certain points.


Plot: ✮✮✮
Cast: ✮✮✮✮✮
Cinematography: ✮✮✮✮
Pace: ✮✮✮✮



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