[EP] DAY6 – DAYDREAM [Mini Album Vol. 2]
Release Date: 2016.03.30
Genre: Rock
Language: Korean

Track List:

01. First Time
02. Blood
03. 놓아 놓아 놓아 (Letting Go) *Title
04. Sing Me
05. 바래
06. Hunt

This might be the first time you hear of DAY6, a rock band under JYP Entertainment (responsible for artistes such as 2PM & miss A, and girl trend TWICE). They’re quite different from their fellow label-mates who produce commercially-friendly hits, and their songs are a fresh change from the usual bubblegum tunes. I absolutely regret finding out about them so late, because I love K-rock (think Jung Joon Young!) and I actually missed out on such a wonderful group that ticks all my boxes.

The album gets listeners bopping along from the first track, and reaches an emotional climax in Letting Go (the title song), and Sing Me. It is easy to see why Letting Go is their title song for this album – reminiscent of a FT Island-CN Blue track, with hints of Jung Joon Young’s familiar rock tune, it is essentially a recipe for success. Sing Me, on the other hand, feels like a fresher version of Kpop’s ‘3rd generation’ (EXO, GOT7, BTS etc.)

The album has a good mix of songs that stick to DAY6’s rock style while playing to different emotions. Even if you’re a picky listener, it’s likely you’ll find at least one song in this album that you’d absolutely love. I really like how their last song, Hunt, has such a sultry and fun vibe to it, in comparison to many other albums that ends either with a) a wistful goodbye ballad b) instrumentals. I would even say that it sounds like something you would hear in a musical during the finale, and you can almost imagine it being performed on stage, with audiences standing up to clap along.

This whole album, sadly, only lasts for 21 minutes. If you have the time, however, I would absolutely recommend setting aside 21 minutes to do nothing but listen to the album. It is as indulgent as it is relaxing, and would definitely get you scrambling to listen to their other tunes.

Rating: ✮✮✮✮✮

Buy the album here on iTunes.


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