Top Rising Male Actor-dols

Idols get a lot of flak when they take on dramas, due to pre-conceived notions of subpar acting, but these actor-dols smash all the stereotypes and produce consistently good work. Take a look at whom we think are making a name for themselves as actors!

NOTE: Numbers are not representative of ranking

1/ Do Kyungsoo (EXO)


Kyungsoo first shot to actor-dol fame with his drama debut in It’s Okay, That’s Love, for which he was later nominated for the Best New Actor and Popularity awards at the 51st Baeksang Arts Awards. He has slowly progressed to lead roles, where he continues to shine, such as in one of his latest projects, My Annoying Brother. With his clean & convincing acting and mellow singing voice, Kyungsoo truly deserves the title of actor-dol.

Recommended shows: It’s Okay, That’s Love, My Annoying Brother, Unforgettable

2/ Im Siwan (ZE:A)


Although he hails from a Kpop boyband, Siwan has a very long and impressive filmography list. As an actor, he is best known for starring in the film The Attorney, and the cable series Misaeng. Misaeng, in particular, tug at the heartstrings of all viewers, ranging from the common salaryman to the college student fighting to gain employment. His performance as Jang Geu-rae was realistically bittersweet without being melodramatic, and truly sealed his status as actor-dol in the hearts of many.

Recommended shows: Misaeng, The Attorney, Triangle

3/ Park Hyungsik (ZE:A)


Just like fellow bandmate Siwan, Hyungsik is also recognized and adored dearly by the public for his relatable acting. His versatility shines through with the different roles he takes on, from a nonsensical nouveau-riche heir to a suave, romantic king. It is no wonder then that he has even taken on musicals, the ultimate test of singing and acting.

Recommended shows: What’s With This Family, Hwarang, The Heirs

4/ Lee Joon (MBLAQ)


Formerly a member of boyband MBLAQ, Lee Joon is one of the few who have taken on very dark projects, and in eyebrow-raising roles that you might not have expected charming idols to take on. But that’s exactly what makes Lee Joon one of the most mature and experienced actor-dols around, and we hope to see more of his exciting and unexpected performances.

Recommended shows: Gap-dong, Iris II

5/ Yook Sungjae (BTOB)


He may have one of the shortest filmography list among his peers here, but Sungjae is no stranger to acting fame. Everyone who has watched Goblin will remember him for his blur but loveable role, which at one point of time was rumoured to be the deity itself. We know for sure, however, that we’ll be seeing much of him in time to come, given his ease in any role he gets!

Recommended shows: Goblin, Who Are You: School 2015


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